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Give Schools an Opt-Out Option for Burnbook

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Burnbook gained its popularity in our community just a few weeks ago, but the consequences left behind seem to be long term. The "Westview High School" Community is a repulsive representation of our school, as bullying is certainly not a part of the school culture we pride ourselves on. Students felt empowered behind anonymity to humiliate and degrade their peers, publish violent threats to individuals and the school, and relentlessly target and harass students and teachers. As a result, students felt uncomfortable and unsafe coming to school.  I advocate that this be put to an end by having the “Westview High School” Community permanently deleted from Burnbook.

Furthermore, the app's Terms of Service suggest "All users must be 18 years or older to use this service, or 17 with permission of a legal guardian" which represents a minority on most high school campuses. So in reality, the app creators have no business creating communities for high schoolers when most do not comply with their own terms of service. Consequently, it seems just that all high school administrators should have easy access to opt their respective high schools out of Burnbook, as different student bodies respond differently through being able to express themselves anonymously. The bullying and harassment taking place on this app has interfered with the education of many students across the nation and at my own school; thus, school administrators should be able to intervene. Blushhh, LCC has the right to create and publicize apps, but they do not have the right to interfere with education of teenagers.

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