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Have Blurry Clothing sell the self-titled goo shirt again! Clique Merch was in the wrong!

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Blurry Clothing is a clothing store that makes products based on fan submitted art. The artist gets part of the profits and tons of exposure for their work. Recently they put up a product that was similar to a design on another store called clique merch. Even though Clique Merch does not own the design at all they made a huge deal out of it. What makes it worst is that they released private dms between them and Blurry Clothing for the sole purpose of blasting them. Blurry Clothing tried to handle the situation privately and offered to meet their requests by giving credit/taking it down however, Clique Merch left their dms on read and kept blasting them. Clique Merch clearly does not know how to handle a business because Blurry Clothing saw an oppurtunity and met the demands of customers that Clique Merch failed to meet. Almost everyone is supporting Blurry Clothing and we want to support them as well and have them bring back the goo shirt.

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