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Danielle Harris in the final Halloween movie

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In 1988, the Halloween series went back to its roots with Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Danielle Harris was cast as Jamie Lloyd, the daughter of original Halloween protagonist Laurie Strode, after original actress Jamie Lee Curtis declined to return.

Though the films 4 through 6 are much maligned by the fans for a number of reasons (especially 5 with its weak storyline and the producer's unwillingness to compromise the screen time of the 'selling point'), Danielle's character stands out among the 3 films as having an immense and enduring following for her portrayal of a girl suffering the psychological effects of having a serial killer for an uncle. Having to perform under the shadow of 'the original' final girl in the horror genre and carry the torch in the years when Curtis wouldn't go near the series (not to mention arguably the second worst instalment of the franchise), she not only held her own - she became the princess to Jamie Lee's scream queen.

Her character was never given her due however, grossly misused for Halloween 5 and recast and outright killed off in the opening of Halloween 6 - an act that the fans never forgave the series for - before being retconned out of existence by H20: Halloween 20 Years Later and it's largely-panned sequel Halloween: Resurrection.

Now the 'final' film in the series is approaching with both Curtis and series creator John Carpenter involved. Cowriter Danny McBride and cowriter/director David Gordon Green of Blumhouse Productions describe the film as being 'for the fans'. Yet the fans are opposed to the casting of Judy Greer as the daughter character in the film, as well as the retconning of Halloween 2 and its revelation that Laurie is Michael's sister.

If it was really for the fans, they would heed the fan's wishes and give them a film with Jamie and Danielle together. Danielle has appeared in as many previous Halloween films as Curtis has (portraying Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie's remake duology, transforming a character essentially serving as the sacrificial lamb, into a likeable and tragic character and once again proving her status within the fandom is well deserved) and a film featuring the two of them would be a critical box office hit regardless of the quality of the film, just to see the two of them together. If it really is the last in the series, let it go out with the two best actresses of the series working side by side against the killer for one last time.

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