Ascension - Continue the awesome series!

It was entertaining. After all, don't we want to be entertained? Where did the officer end up? Where did the little girl send him? What other twists and turns could they come up with? Don't we see enough of "reality tv", good cop bad cop, drugs thugs and more drugs, can't we just explore the imagination for once? What do people do who aren't exposed to elements of the 70s, 80s, 90s etc. do? It would have been nice to see a world of ideas where the ills of those years didn't exist. But then I suppose you'd need someone who was still a pragmatist to help with that.

An experiment like "Ascension" should have been given a chance to develop without outside intervention, both from writers and directors looking at ratings, and internal characters in development. We see writing from the past and for the future all the time what we haven't seen is a cross of both, what if. Ascension is two different realities converging into one on one planet. And that's the premise it always was. But because the media write for the mediocre, "john q public" it was cancelled. Lots of shows that don't get ratings keep going at least another season, this show had potential.

Lots of people enjoy expansion of ideas, especially in sci-fi, we don't all want to live in a yellow submarine, but don't speak out, because we have learned to accept disappointment. It's shouldn't be like this.

MM Flowers, Kalamazoo, MI, United States
3 years ago
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