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Bluffs Park Initiative - FOLLOW THROUGH!!!

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Hello, My name is Curtis Augspurger and I am Regional Commissioner for the Malibu AYSO soccer program. Many of you know me as "Oh. Thaaaat Curtis".

Malibu AYSO represents roughly 1,800 voices that make up the soccer families that call Malibu home.

Last year I volunteered to take on the role of Commissioner for Malibu soccer…..which I was told was a 4 hour a week job (little laugh)….that it would come with little support from the community, low turn out, no volunteers, a lack of players and only 1 regulation field.

In my short-run as Commissioner, I have found that by giving the program the attention it needed, we have proved most of these to be untrue (hours and the 1 field the exception).

What I have found is that Malibu families truly work so their kids can have the life experience that a successfully organized soccer program brings. And they have been willing to put in that work right alongside us, every step of the way.

Together we have received an enormous outpouring of support, volunteer turn-out, high participation, and dedication. All of which culminated in an amazing winning season that puts Malibu soccer on the map.

We are truly proving that “If you build it they will come”.

Even with all of the enthusiasm and support we’ve enjoyed, one thing remains unchanged and that is why we are asking for your support.

Malibu has only one regulation soccer field dedicated to our 60+ teams.

This is a serious issue for our program and for our community.

  • Our kids have had to travel to multiple locations many miles away throughout the season just to compete. 
  • We cannot host tournaments or draw other soccer programs to our home facility. 
  • And I don’t need to tell you what a scheduling nightmare 60+ plus teams with one field presents. 
  • Even against these logistical odds, we have shown the importance of this program to our community this season.

We have had double-digit growth in sign-ups, high spectator attendance at games, as well as greater turnout for training, practices, and referee’ing.

We’ve also extended our program to include other parts of the Malibu community.

A few examples of which are:

  • We created mentorship and development programs in partnership with Pepperdine
  • We pulled in the branding and aspirational resources of the LA Galaxy
  • We raised over $12,000 dollars in scholarship donations
  • We gave $5,000 back to the Malibu High School Shark fund 
  • We donated back $2,500 to the Malibu High Waterpolo team for their hard work in lining our field every week.
  • And the scholarships went on to enable families who would not have been able to afford it otherwise the opportunity to play.
  • We have 1,200+ motivated parents who suit up 635 spectacular kids every weekend and let me tell you...we killed it this season.

Forgive us for boasting about our Malibu superstars, but here's a little of what our kids accomplished with these limited resources. 

  • Our 19yr old boys only lost 3 games the entire season 
  • Our 19yr girls won Area and went on to finish in Sectionals
  • Our 16yr old boys had a PERFECT, UNDEFEATED, season and WON Area and Sectionals
  • Our 16yr old girls WON Area and Sectionals
  • Our 3-14yr old boys teams had a 3way tie for First Place in regular season Area play, placed 1st and 2nd respectively in Area and went onto Sectionals
  • Our 14yr old girls Extra team finished 3rd in Sectionals
  • Our 2-14yr old boys AllStar teams won 1st and 2nd place in Area, finishing 3rd in Sectionals
  • Our 12yr old AllStar girls advanced to Regionals
  • 3 of our 12 yr old boys teams advanced teams to Regionals 
  • Our 12yr old AllStar boys won Regional, and Area advancing to Sectionals
  • Our 11yr old Extra team won 3rd place in Sectional
  • Our 10yr old AllStar girls advanced to Regional
  • Our 10yr old boys sent 5 teams to regionals and sent 2 AllStar teams to Regionals with 1 team in the Qrt finals and 1 team winning 2nd place in the Semis 

As you can see Malibu Soccer has become a Southern California presence!

But for all of the community support and success that we have enjoyed, the one thing we must have your help with, is the number of fields we have. To fully realize the future success of the Malibu soccer program, it is IMPERATIVE to have the additional fields as laid out in the Bluffs Park Alternative C plan. Not only to give our kids the facility they deserve, but to bolsters the sense of community and family, while still maintaining the beauty of our city.

And let me be clear. One regulation field dedicated to 60+ teams isn’t just about the logistical issues. There is a much more important component. A great deal of the power of these youth programs comes in the mentorship and aspiration factors that happen when the ages groups are playing side by side. When these young players aspire to be like their older and more seasoned counterparts, witnessing their victories and learning from their defeats.

Our current field arrangements don't allow the younger divisions to learn by example because our teams are currently scattered across Malibu and over the hill.

Our 16 and 19-year-olds can't even play in Malibu because our one field is too small for them, and that means our 8-14 year olds don't get to see them play, and we also don’t get the benefit of community spectatorship.

We know that stronger life experiences for our children often start on the field, and it's an important step in building healthy adults.

One soccer field in Malibu is short-changing the families of our community.

We want to make sure that our City Council members, fully understand the positive benefits to the entire Malibu community that the full Bluffs development plan promises.

Now, I've only spoken from the perspective of soccer, but the park will mean so much more to our local and regional families than just soccer. It will provide our waterside community with a much need Aquatic Center, our Little League and Softball teams dedicated baseball diamonds, our skaters a curb they can call their own, our actors a stage, our dogs a place to run, and our seniors a center. It will serve to unite and enrich the lives of all.   

In order to integrate all of the great leadership opportunities we have within our community, and to represent the Malibu residents that need access to proper facilities, we need our elected City Council, to vote YES on the Bluffs Park plans.

Our 1800+ voices will be watching, petitioning, and showing up in support of this plan until it is enacted. We will be better informed voters in the next election and will continue to do our part to improve the community for the children and families we love. Now we humbly ask for our City Council to do the same.

Thank you very much for you time.

Please add your name in support.

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