Unused Colossi in Shadow of The Colossus Remake!

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I played Shadow of The Colossus since I was 7 years old. I fell in love with the game instantly. When I started researching about the game on the internet there were already many mysteries related to history and exploration. At that time there was little information, so it was more or less in 2011 that I found a lot of material about the game and I heard about the Black Bird or Avus, I found it so extraordinary that I started looking for the colossus in the whole game, and I already knew could find something because I had already gone in the Secret Garden, and thought there was a mystery in the game. Well, I did not find anything, not even what I had seen on the internet, the colossus appearing well from afar, but I discovered that it was a failure to load the game, and understandable also because the game is old. After that, I discovered the unused colossus, discarded from the game, but if you have conceptual arts and images in play from these colossi, and it is amazing how they would be. Actually these colossi were part of my experience with the game, and it certainly helped SOTC to become what it is today. My name is Iury, I'm 17 years old, I was 7 when I first played Shadow of The Colossus, and it's the best game I've ever played, but it's not about me. The game is important to many people and I know many of them closely. They are extremely passionate about the game and not only are they my friends, they are my brothers in relation to SOTC, they share the same passion as me. I know this even more since I did not play SOTC alone the first time. It was me, my brother and a friend, and to this day we discussed history theories, mysteries on the map, alternative endings and many other things, I love it. Anyway, there are many people in the world who love this game, and we can get to the point where I can say that SOTC will have a version for PS4 in which it was all redone from scratch. THIS IS AMAZING! But unfortunately many people hated the fact that there was nothing new in the game, just the updated graphics. I would not criticize the game even if it had nothing new, but in the case for all that the unused ghosts represented for the game and for the people, why would the developers not put them in the remake? Well, the purpose of this petition is to have the developers of PS4's Shadow of The Colossus add the unused ghosts in the game, whether in an additional mode in the game, or a DLC, which I do not think necessary, and if it is also necessary postpone the game to place the additions, but I do not recommend this option. It would be up to the developers to solve the problem. Well, come SHADOW fans from all over the world and hopefully we can achieve that dream of having the colossi not used in SOTC Remake, thank you!

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