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Put a stop to the ingame cheaters!

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Cheating in any game is technically "not acceptable", but the magnitude at which the cheating is going on within PUBG is simply "ludicrous" to put it mildly. And just banning the players is not helping any matters, because the players are making money hand over fist by cheating, buying crates and then reselling the items online... so it's as simple for them to purchase a new cd-key and there back at it again.

There is also the problem of so many users from the Asian market within the NA and EU servers with high pings, that end up effecting the servers stability with consistent lag spikes. And we also have an issue with Chinese Teaming... I have seen it many times in Duo and Squad.

The best solution is too Region Lock the Asian market. This will bring back server stability and sanity to the NA and EU servers. So many players in the NA and EU market have given up on this game because of this rampant problem, that seems to be either ignored by the Developers or they feel that BattleEye is the only option.


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