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BlueCross BlueShield of Maryland: Stop denying insurance to disabled children

My youngest daughter Sophie looks like a healthy baby. But she was born with a birth defect that prevents her from feeding normally and most of her nutrition comes from a tube that runs directly into her stomach. My little "tubie" baby needs specialized feeding and therapy and I work twenty four/seven to keep her growing and strong. Until recently, the medical part of the constant care that keeps our sweet Sophie healthy was covered by our insurance. But like many people these days, we are going through what insurance companies call a "life change." Job change? No problem, BlueCross BlueShield of Maryland told me, if insurance lapses, your family can get back on the plan, no medical underwriting required. But Sophie has been denied insurance coverage. BlueCross BlueShield claim that this denial of care has nothing to do with her condition, that this is just a "technicality," due to the way I filed my documents. But they didn't reject my oldest daughter, who is healthy. According to my documentation and every client services person with whom I spoke, it is very clear that the refusal has everything to do with Sophie's pre-existing condition. Maybe they are hoping that if they make it difficult enough, I'll just give up and let them get away with it. Well, I won't! Please don't let them leave my baby without the care she needs to survive! Are we going to let insurance deny services for life-giving care because they don't want to pay what they promised? Please sign my petition and tell BlueCross BlueShield to do the right thing. Don't let them deny her life dependent services. If they can do this to my child they can do it to others.

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  • Sr Director & Asst General Counsel of BlueCross BlueShield of Maryland
    Randolph Stuart Sergent
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    John A. Picciotto

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