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BlueCross BlueShield Insurance Company: Cover the cost of home births at the In-Network level

Home birth in New York is a wonderful and relatively inexpensive (legal) option for many families. However by choosing not to cover home births at an in-network expense level takes away a woman's right to choose this option in many cases. Please be respectful that every woman is different and this is not something that every body will agree on, but with that being said, I know that we can all agree that this is a personal decision and should only be left to the individual woman and her family to come to it. Women should not be bullied into a birth that they do not feel comfortable with just because of the financial backing of an insurance company. 

For low risk woman, supported home birth has been proven to be just as safe and safer than giving birth in a hospital. This is a fact. It is also a fact that the average hospital birth costs the insurance company much more than the average homebirth does. Why on earth would insurance companies not want to extend this safe and inexpensive alternative to their customers?

Home birth is a wonderful option for many families and should not be limited only to those who have a surplus of financial resources. Aren't the women in your life capable of making informed decisions? Please help before their rights are taken away as well. Thank you!

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