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Blueberry Park/Fern Hill Neighborhood Empowerment

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We the neighbors of Blueberry Park and Fern Hill have decided the we will take back our neighborhoods and take a stand against transients, prostitution, grifters and polluters of our neighborhood and park. 

We have identified a few direct influences that continue to promote the deterioration of our neighborhoods. We are asking for support from the "Village" that we are all a part of, to request some changes in character and a higher level of scrupels from those influences that have turned a blind eye to the continued detriment of our neighborhoods as a whole. 

The specific issues are as follow:

1. McDonalds Corp, located at 7217 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98408. Although this company location may not be aware of how they are promoting to the detriment of the neighborhoods, it is hard to believe that they are oblivious to the situation, but as we are all familiar with, when a company doesn't interact with the neighbors, they are ignorant of the effects they cause. We know that requesting that company to relocate would not be prudent to either party, what we would like to petition for is to request that McDonald's located at the corner of Pacific Ave and 72nd St, in Tacoma. What we desire is that the McDonalds Corp, located at 7217 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98408 change their hours from 24 hours a day to the traditional 6 am to 10pm. We feel that their current hours are not only offering sanctuary but providing sustenance to an unwanted and undesirable element in the later hours of the night.

2. Our justification is that we feel that McDonalds Corp, located at 7217 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, WA 98408 is indirectly supporting the Calico Cat Motel aka Pacific Lodge Motel at 8821 Pacific Ave commonly known as the "Meth Motel" that was recently raided by the Police. The police raid found two sawed-off shotguns, a sawed-off rifle, a handgun, cross bow and arrows, counterfeiting equipment and evidence of heroin and cocaine in the room. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department declared it unfit for habitation when tests showed that 20 of the motel’s 24 rooms, and some common areas, were contaminated by methamphetamine.
Read more here: the "Meth Motel" was recently raided, they are re-opening under a county loophole by re-naming themselves. We hope that the local authorities will address this again.

1a. Primarily in the interim, our hope is to establish a request for McDonalds to adjust their times to reduce late night activity that promotes the detrimental population to fester.

2b. Secondarily, we wish to request that the McDonalds on the corner of Pacific Ave and 72nd St contract some sort of security service to assist in reducing soliciting that is continuing to hover outside of the store.

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