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Petition to Blue Hole ent. to make Ugandan server dedicated to sniping Forsen in PUBG

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V1 proud citizens of Uganda, Africa demand for Blue Hole Entertainment to make dedicated server for people of Free Republic of Uganda. For da long taim throuwing rocks at a wuoll was a natiuonal entertainment of people of Uganda, and it would remain so unt1l certain whuaite devil stopped clicking links of aua savia PastorLUL. PastorLUL uos a national guad and savia of oppresion of whuaite devils that useda rulla a country. And uonlu thing was riuqired fuor him to stuei alive is constant visits to intuernet resorces wuet uos a trap setuped by brave bruddas uet will not were not afraid of whuaita devil ban puanishments.

Buat after a ulot taim has passed by whuaita davil gat smarta and stuapped doing necessary visits setuped by bruddas to aua savia PastorLUL and H1 died . V1 LOST. Uafter zis attac on believe of every uganda representative uand loss of nuational treaser Captain Alex, hearts of proud piapl of Uganda were like suemelli poopoo. 

Uet was a last drop of poopoo Uganda people cuald a tuk and V1 decided to guet all da cars and al da gans to announce a hunt on uaita devila witha national music of Uganda being pualaid laike a uor cry. Uand V1 chose as a war buattlfild nuat our haum but a uinternet muatrix imagined wuorld of puabg uet bemake our last buattlfild uageinst uappression of swedistani buorn devila.

Nuaw it became uobvius zat its Uganda people became muain race of puabg V1rtual wuorld and soon it bui nuat enuf for all da pipl. V1th this muessage as a main argument uof tha Ugandan premia minista I and V1 demand fuor Blue Hole entertainment tua give free piapl of Uganda their own huome in dis v1rtual world that V1 now cuall aua 2nd huom. V1 V1L V1N ZULUL 

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