Blue Cross To Stop Putting Healthy Dogs Down

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There is a back story as to why this petition has been created

the blue cross have a policy that they dont put healthy dogs down, yet clearly this isnt the case

Rosco was found by myself on the 21st of January, he was found on Coopers Green Lane in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. He was believed to have been hit by a car and was rushed to the vets, he was given a full bill of health and no microchip was found and was released by the vets to spend the night at mine. After a good nights rest the dog warden was called so a section 150a could be filled out and the dog would remain in my custody for 30days after which he would legally be my dog. The dog warden believed him to be crossed with pit bull and seized him under the dangerous dogs act. For 2 weeks I chased the dog warden to find out what was happening, I received an update to say he contained no pitbull and was going to be transferred to the bluecross Kimpton, I immediately rang them to show interest in the dog and the fact I wanted to adopt him. It was all on track he had passed all of the behavioural tests until the 21st February when I rang the bluecross for an update, of which I was informed that he had been put to sleep because he was distressed in the kennels, and that he had destroyed his kennel.

The whole way along I had informed the warden and the bluecross that he didn't like being locked up, that he didnt like being caged and in my opinion the best option for the dog would have been to remain in my care

This innocent sweet, loving dog was destroyed for no good reason!

There are many people that had been following his story and we all want answers, and changes.


after looking into the bluecross' policy it turns out they have no 'no kill policy'. after doing abit more background research, i found out that last year that this organisation had destroyed hundreds of healthy dogs, that were suitable for re-homing, the only reason they were destroyed was due to overcrowding. This charity receives over £26million in donations every year, yet many people are unaware of their policy's. 

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