Reinstate my lifesaving IVIG treatment.

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I cannot live without it, I mean really live, even the tiny quality of life I had started to enjoy is lost  I have a rare and complex Immunological condition that cannot fit into a "atypical" category and cannot be supported by any other treatment. I have searched, traveled, been medically experimented on for 28 years with dire consequence, irrevocable damages occurred. I have left my beloved home in the UK, leaving friends, family and all I love and know, struggled through extreme adversity, survived near death diseases, battled endless red tape, almost starved to death to near corpse states, been medically abused, survived a stroke at only 32, been medically neglected, willfully wronged and so much more all in search of my opportunity for healing and a chance to find my "cure". This recent protocol was devised by a skilled Immunologist Professor at Stanford University........and it works, IVIG is a literally a lifesaver!   


Blue Cross pulled out just as I was slowly recovering, at last tasting the freedom of better health, able to actively contribute more in my beloved business and eager service to others.  It has been over 10 weeks and almost 4 infusions missed and each day I get more and more weakened, one infection could be the end, it is a heavy weight to carry and completely unnecessary.  Waiting.....waiting......waiting, for just one call to turn this all around. I trust God, he can turn the hardest hearts and so I believe in him alone. One tender life is meaningless and yet we see many individual lives creating havoc, chaos, destruction which seems favoured? We live in a mad world, one not run by Gods law but Man's law.  


I'll do my best to survive only by the grace of God, but Blue Cross stopped this too abruptly without any warning or even time to find any other temporary treatments to fall back on, not even time to gather ones senses. So please help me, this also will help many others in my situation, it is for others I commit this petition so that we can all be free to exist and get whatever we need to live our lives to their fullest.  Oh, how can one mortal Man decide my fate or the fate of another, is that not God's position to fill. It is a inhumane act against the laws of life. Forget the cost, money is merely paper, lifeless, worthless in the divinity of life which we claim as our priceless gift and birthright which must prevail above all circumstances and fraudulent corruptions.

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