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blue cross blue shield of oklahoma: I want them to start covering gay couples in Oklahoma! and the U.S.

When I started working for my employer, I was given a benefits package that included coverage for all employees and their families. So I asked if that meant I could get coverage for my partner. My boss said sure and that he didn't see why not, and that it would be discrimination NOT to allow it. After further research, we found out BCBS of OK did not cover same sex couples under any circumstance. We even had our rep. research this for us. He came in to explain our plan and said that BCBS of OK would not cover same sex couples at all. He also said that it was a legal issue and we needed to seek legal counsel. But, BCBS isn't breaking an Oklahoma law. The problem isn't that BCBS can't cover us, it's that they won't. BCBS of OK covers common law marriages, the process of which involves filling out one form. So my employer pays for a man (the employee), his two kids, his girlfriend AND her two kids. They are not married and don't think of themselves as married, but they are a family. Can we not have something similar for gay couples?

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