Healthcare Approval for David Thompson!! #approvedavidnow

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My dad, David Thompson, was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in November of 2017. At diagnosis, my dad was given a 10% chance of survival. After 6 rounds of intense CHOP chemo, those statistics didn’t change. He was in remission but there was a 90% chance the cancer would return and it would return quickly. He would then be considered terminal. He received a stem cell transplant earlier this year which pushed his survival rate to 50%. With the help of this clinical trial of Keytruda, a drug in which the FDA has fast tracked for the use of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma due to its amazing response rates, my dads odds of long term survival can go up to 70%-80%! Basically, my dad NEEDS this trial drug. Here’s the problem: My dad has clinical trial benefits which Blue Cross is DENYING him. Not only have they denied the trial, they have thus far refused to provide us a copy of the peer-to-peer denial so that we may respond via appeal. In fact, BCBS of Oklahoma claims they don’t even have their denial on file. The peer-to-peer denial was May 16th and yet we have no paperwork and no reason stated for denying at the peer-to-peer level. Basically, Blue Cross is now stonewalling any appeal efforts we could put forth. Blue Cross and Blue Shields of Oklahoma is shamelessly denying my dad this potentially life saving drug. We have under 240 hours to get my dad to Houston and get the drug administered before he is no longer eligible for the trial. For this reason, I am asking for YOUR help, your friends help, our state and local legislators help, the help of news media in both Oklahoma City and Houston, and ANYONE else with the knowledge and drive to help my dad get the treatment he needs! We have started a hashtag #ApproveDavidNow to help get the word out on social media and our goal is to get it trending. So please help us fight. His life depends on it.” #approvedavidnow We call on Blue Cross and Blue Shield to express blatant transparency with their patients and to promote honest and open health care!! Let’s get this trending!!! #approvedavidnow #approvedavidnow