Ask Blue Shield To Add Willamina To My Policy

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My sweet baby girl had the misfortune of being born the same month as the Obamacare deadline. As a result it was impossible to reach a representative to add my newborn daughter to my policy within their "31 days time frame". After a week in NICU, I waited on hold for hours at a time with no luck. I waited so long their hold service hung up on me or my phone died. I contacted my insurance agent and he too was unable to reach a representative. He believed they were doing this on purpose to save money! He suggested I write them a letter requesting she be added. I tried that too.

I filed a grievance with Blue Shield after a representative in May told me I'd sent the letter and email within the time frame and THEY DENIED MY DAUGHTER BECAUSE I DIDN'T SPEAK WITH A REPRESENTATIVE.  Their answer for being impossible to reach? "WE'RE SORRY".

Obamacare was meant to help American's become insured, not be denied by insurance companies unwilling to add the necessary man power to enroll our citizens, using loop holes to deny us coverage. All newborns deserve the protection and right to be insured under their parents! PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION ASKING BLUE SHIELD TO ADD MY DAUGHTER TO MY POLICY. Please sign my petition to show them that Americans want them to do the right thing- not hide behind Obamacare. Please sign my petition to give our leaders a chance to stand up for our right to insurance. Thank you!

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