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Allow Dr. Terry Crow to again be contracting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas provider.

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My name is Dr. Terry Crow, D.C. and I practice chiropractic and acupuncture in Norton, Kansas.  Here is the link to my website: 

Over a decade ago, I was audited by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas and found to be lacking in my method of documenting care for my patients who were covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Health Insurance.  I was subsequently censured from continuing as a contracting provider without the benefit of any opportunity to correct compliance issues or to earn readmittance.  During my time of being out of network, I have discovered that in my area of Kansas, BCBSKS has an overwhelming monopoly among those who have health insurance and wields this monopoly to make sure that providers who are out of network have a much harder time giving their patients the type of healthcare experience they expect as premium-paying consumers.  Despite my repeated attempts to re-enroll as a contracting provider, I have been denied at least 5 times.  The only explanation that is given to me is that "due to prior non-compliance and satisfaction of audit results from you previous contracting period* with BCBSKS, (*again - this was well over a decade ago) we will not be able to offer you at contract".   I have been contracting with many other insurance entities without complaint during this time, in Kansas as well as in Texas.  I have been a contracting provider in the Medicare system since 1985 and have never had any difficulty with Medicare compliance.  I have never had a single malpractice claim filed against me in my 33 years of being a doctor of chiropractic.  I have never had a complaint with the board of health in any state, and I am licensed to practice in Kansas, Texas and Colorado. 

My issue is not only that I am put at an economic disadvantage and damaged financially, but that my community is damaged because they are forced to pay much higher amounts from out of their pockets if they desire to be examined or treated by me. 

I have offered to submit documentation prior to being paid on health insurance claims to BCBSKS.  I have attended many courses to become familiar and proficient in electronic health record generation and to be very vigilant in my documentation of care.  I am at the point in my career (twilight years) where I really just want to do everything that I can to serve my community well and to show them how much we are capable of and how well we can perform and make things better.  All that I ask BCBSKS is to simply allow the people to be heard and reconsider their hard line.

  If you are insured with BCBSKS or have been or might be in the future, I invite you to sign my petition and let them know that you support my cause.  Thank you! 

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