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the creator of this petition shall remain anonymous. This petition is not maliciously intended nor is it legally classed as slander or defamation of character towards Robert Higgins of The Blue Coat School. This petition is created in the overall interest of the wellbeing of the children at said school and does not disparage the current headteacher. This means the person who made this and those who sign it are not doing anything wrong therefore have the legal right to deny punishment be it in legal terms or school terms.


For Mr Higgins to reconsider his role of headteacher in school and perhaps be reinstated as deputy head. I understand many students do not even want him to work at the school altogether however that’s a bit unfair as he does have to earn a living.


the recent use of #higginsout was brought about by the school still being open in inches of snow. It can be appreciated that schools must attempt to keep their schools open in as many cases as possible, however it seems unlogical that a school situated on a MASSIVE HILL should expect students to safely make their way there. 

Another example is ridiculous uniform rules. In a world where children are taught the importance of diversity, why are they refrained from expressing themselves? How does a haircut stop your learning? Does it really matter if your skirt is rolled up (as long as it’s decent)? Does wearing a bit of mascara REALLY make your grades go down? 

These are rules that are in place in most schools, i know. However, the way in which these rules are enforced at Blue Coat is ridiculous. Mrs Hollis was kinder and more lenient in her enforcement yet it appears to us, as students, that Mr Higgins has 0 care for the personal wellbeing of his students and more about looking at pupils as a whole. Yes, there are people in school of which have a specific mentoring role, however as a headteacher it is important you also have a mentoring aspect. This is lacking from Mr Higgins. 


My respect goes out to his attempt at headteaching however it is clear students are unhappy. This does not create a positive working environment and discourages pupils to learn. 

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