A Skatepark, and a New Community for the City of Blue Ash

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Hello, my name is Nathan Tyler and I am currently a Junior year student at Sycamore High School. I am also a member of the Synnovation Lab, and we have been tasked with creating a passion project that affects our community, and as a dedicated skateboarder, I have set my sights on getting the Sycamore township its' first skatepark! After doing my research and going to other communities we see that the Blue Ash community is a perfect place to have a skatepark. I genuinely believe that the implementation of a skatepark would have numerous benefits to not only Blue Ash, but to the entire Sycamore community. Among these benefits are the obvious physical and mental health benefits, along with the deeper social and economic benefits a skatepark would bring, because to many people a skatepark isn't just a skatepark; it's a home. After presenting my research to the Blue Ash city council it was clear to me that they appreciated the research and effort I have put into this project, but the current standings show that the interest of a skatepark isn't equal with the amount of interest in other developments. The issue is that we currently don't have any real number as to how many people are interested to contest the previous statement. To get a more accurate number I have decided to go to the community through this petition to find all people who are interested in a skatepark. If you are a person interested in having a skatepark created in Blue Ash please sign your name to support this project. Thank you!