10 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by blue army

This year alone there has been a massive rise in how people choose to communicate with others online. Wether that maybe a simple Facebook or instagram post or even posting content on TikTok. 

Tiktok has become one of the most highly downloaded apps this year with about 80 million monthly active users in the United States and 3.8 million in the United Kingdom.

Tiktok has had a raise in numbers due to the community it reaches out to wether that maybe young girls promoting make up and fashion or gamers streaming there online games or just the casual live stream were people choose to make friends.

People are now using the app TIKTOK not only for what's stated above BUT for targeting the vulnerable. 

Numbers state that there have been a 50% of deaths of men and 71% in women due to online trolling. Also there is only a small amount of just 14.5% of people who have reported suicidal victims that have been reported due to this online trolling. These numbers are just for the u.k alone. 

People are creating accounts to not only troll but to also dox personal information on people which can include there past history, address, there families identities and so on. This alone can leave a massive effect on peoples mental health and cause them a great deal of stress.

Where this information is getting released people are having things sent to there homes causing even more stress.

What is also scary about the app TIKTOK is that pedophiles are using this app to trap/lure there victims aswell as pretending to be someone there not?

This year alone there has been a record of 14 deaths due to tiktok which is from either being targeted by trolls or from doing challenges. One girl as young as the age of 10 died due to doing a challenge from tiktok.

We are sure as you are sat here and reading this you look at your family wondering how can you protect them from this scary place we call the internet. How can we protect the children from not only these pedophiles but also from these online trolls.

It was only just yesterday we had seen a young girl try to take her life because she couldn't handle the horrible disgusting messages she was getting about her and her family. Imagine if this was your family member?

We feel that if we could minimise these numbers of deaths due to online trolling and make the internet a safer place we as a collective need to come together and sort this out for not only our children but for our family and friends.

We have created a blue army movement to help raise awareness for this kind of thing happening online. 

We feel as a collective that to use an app like tiktok that you should have to provide identification to register which means they only have one account per device and this restricts people to make multiple accounts to target people.

This can also benefit the police all around the world to actually help trace accounts so they can actually arrest the correct person.

If you wish to support our movement share this out to everyone to help tackle this fight online and get it to a safer place. 

Just ask yourself ... are the people you talk to online genuine as you think or could it be a pedophile trying to lure you in... 

Could the person who claims to be your friend online secretly doxing your personal business online behind your back and they there to be that shoulder to cry on when you just want it to stop?

Lets make it a safer place and keep our nearest and dearest happy 

Remember its ok not to be ok. 

Thank you 

Blue army





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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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