HELP change age limitations on Amber Alert; or create an emergency response system to include individuals with intellectual disabilities regardless of age.

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Many are unaware that the Amber Alerts/Silver Alerts nationwide or locally are age specific. This completely disregards the millions of defenseless intellectually disabled adults between the ages of 17 and 65.

I am the legal guardian and foster someone I consider my son, with severe intellectual disabilities who happens to be non verbal. As a 35 year old man he was able to catch a bus after being upset with staff (as he has done in the past) and went missing. The watch commander himself was unable to issue an amber alert despite the life threatening risks of not having his critical medication or not being able to say his name or having the mind of a 4 year old child (who loves buses). Had we been able to do an alert, I am certain he would have been found within the hour. He was found safe but starving, unmedicated, dehydrated, and unsheltered without sleep after 26 hours. However; this is not usually the conclusion of someone with Autism or disabilities that goes missing.

I believe the fact that this service is not available to the world's vulnerable and special beings is the direct result of many deaths throughout the world. My non profit organization, DelNorm Day Hab, is a day program or workshop for adults with intellectual disabilities. Approximately 20 out of the 25 I have enrolled, would not be able to articulate who they are and where they belong if they were to get separated from their caregivers. This HAS to change!!! Current age limitations say that the lives of our population are not valued as they are not even acknowledged when in danger!

Included was the flyer when my sweet Greg went missing. All but one local news station wouldn't even consider airing the story in hopes to find him. Thank you Tyler Sieswerda from KVUE for finding our story important at the time! Please Tyler help with this story to educate and aware folks that the alert is age specific. I recommend the BLUE ALERT. Blue is a color known to represent Autism. Most of our MHMR community, if not diagnosed with Autism, show Autistic Tendencies as well.