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Brunello Estates, Timberlea (Halifax Regional Municipality)

Why this petition matters

Started by Dawn MacInnis

A local Master Hairstylist,  Shona Humber (Benson),  has been working out of Timberlea Community for the past 11 years. She chose to leave the salon when her youngest was born so she could be there for both children as they grew up, and to be there for them before/ after school.

Now, in a blended family with her partner, they  have four children, a senior dog, a young puppy and a cat. They chose to  rent in Brunello because the location is perfect as none of the children would have to switch schools, the house was large enough for the six of them and the garage could be converted to her workspace. 

Someone on her street (Sienna Court) complained that she was working from home and that people were over here until 9pm. It was never disclosed from the homeowners that there is a covenant saying that you cannot work from home and had they known they would never have rented here.

Before signing the lease to their house in March, pre Covid, they looked at other locations, however, they didn’t want her running a business out of them. The owners knew from the start what her intentions were and gave her the OK to work and to install a sink, which cost $1k.

So because someone complained, Brunello management has told her  to shut down her small  in-home, 1 stylist/1 client at a time salon. Leaving her to seek employment in this small community during a pandemic so she does not  lose her local clients who pay her bills.  Many people in this community, in this province the WHOLE WORLD  are working from home now because of Covid.

This will cost  thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost income and moving expenses. A small in home salon causes no disruption to a subdivision. Shona fantastic in her profession,  very professional and extremely considerate of her neighbors. We should feel honoured to have a gem like her working in our community.   

Please sign this petition in Support of Shona Humber and support her in running a small home business from her home( on Sierra Crt., Brunello Estates) 

3,852 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!