Call For The Resignation Of Bloomsburg University President Dr. Bashar W Hanna

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From the very beginning, Dr. Bashar W. Hanna's reign over Bloomsburg University has been chaotic and ineffective. From the reports of sexual misconduct committed by him against staff under his employ, to his gross mishandling of the COVID-19 epidemic, his only achievement to date is staining the legacy of Bloomsburg University.

When I attended my freshman year orientation, I was told that when it comes to sexual misconduct, the victim should always be believed and respected. When the allegations against Dr. Hanna were revealed just a few weeks later, we were told: "Except That Woman"

Fast-forwarding to this year, Dr. Hanna has grossly misrepresented the safety of returning to campus, and has done everything he can to avoid taking responsibility for the newly created massive outbreak on campus. Instead of taking the responsible, safe route of hosting the semester online like many other colleges in Pennsylvania, he forced students to return to campus just so the University and town of Bloomsburg could pocket their money. 

In every email about the outbreak, he has repeatedly insisted that it is the fault of the STUDENTS that there is now an increasingly large outbreak on campus. Even if 90% of Bloomsburg's almost 10,000 student population followed the guidelines exactly, that still leaves hundreds of COVID-19 carriers in the town and university.

In his obnoxious, belittling video message to students on August 25th, he proclaimed that "doubters" are saying that Bloomsburg University students are immature, and incapable of behaving like responsible adults. I refuse to hear these words from the mouth of an alleged sexual predator.

No matter how many parties are illegally thrown, no matter how many kids either refuse to or forget to wear a mask, all of these factors are superseded by one man's choice to carry on University life like business as usual. I am now, officially calling for the resignation or removal of Dr Bashar W. Hanna from his presidency at Bloomsburg University. Due to the outrageous allegations against him, he should never have been given the position in the first place, and his resignation should have come years ago. 

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Taylor J Baker,
Junior at Bloomsburg University, 

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