Armistice Amongst Black People

Armistice Amongst Black People

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We're in a situation in life where being against each other will not help us for the days and months to come. We're experiencing high levels of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional oppression. This is Deeper then racism. 

With there being deception in groups built around us as we speak, these are the things we are very unaware of. Due to the nature of our back and forth quarrels with each other it's not easy by all means, but if we intend to live for a even longer time we must start today. 

This petition is a start to building the very thing that can protect us from ourselves and empower us for ourselves.

By signing this petition you are literally agreeing to  
AN ARMISTICE AMONGST THE BLACK COMMUNITY !!! This is an agreement made by all opposing sides. We are making a choice to stop fighting for a certain amount time if not infinite, then a truce long enough to see how much we need each other.

I know how deep the false hatred we have for each other is. This agreement isn't the answer to our Black Crime and Gang Issues but it's a start for any King and Queen who's willing to stand together.

You do not have to be gang affiliated to sign this? You just have to be consciously aware That we need each other more then ever.

Lets start here and love each other until the very end.