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The purpose of the Influencer Code (“the Code”) is to establish a fundamental set of guiding principles for influencers, digital content creators and bloggers (“Creators”) to follow. The goal of the Code is to establish an agreed-upon set of ethical and performance standards by which Creators will abide-by and attest-to in order to protect their audience and the public interest.



1.1.               Agrees to conduct themselves at all times in a manner which is professional and considerate, while exercising good judgment when communicating online and in person.


1.2.               Agrees to remain true to their practices and beliefs, and not act in a manner that could be misleading to their audience.


1.3.               Agrees to be honest and forthcoming, including the disclosure of matters which may harm their audience or the public.


1.4.               Agrees to not maliciously disparage a brand, company, or other Creators.


1.5.               Agrees to assert on content that review of products or events are simply opinions and not fact, and disclose when products or compensation has been received in return for coverage.


1.6.               Agrees to respect brand partnerships and adhere to agreed-upon content timelines, adhere-to reasonable expectations, and maintain an open dialogue/convey concerns professionally with clients.


1.7.               Agrees to accept full responsibly for the content they create, and its potential impact.




2.1.      Agrees to not allow their judgment to be compromised or biased when accepting collaborations (paid or otherwise) online.


2.2.      Agrees to ensure freedom of speech and an open dialogue, and ensure independent opinions are not suppressed so long as the comments are not harmful to others.


2.3.      Agrees to be transparent about any relationships/affiliations that could be deemed as a bias that could hinder an objective opinion.


2.4.      Agrees not to promote a product or brand they have not used or engaged with.


2.5.      Agrees to work and promote brands/products they believe in, and would support regardless of compensation.


2.6.      Agrees to remain truthful and honest about experiences with a brand and/or product always.


2.7.      Agrees to maintain the right to refuse work at any time that doesn’t feel authentic, or is not in the best interest of their audience or the public interest.




3.1.      Agrees to maintain their professional skills, and competence by keeping informed of, and complying with, developments or changes in online advertising standards.


3.2.      Agrees to make a clear distinction between sponsored and not sponsored content, so their audience is clear when payment has been exchanged.


3.3.      Agrees to comply with transparency of sponsored content, and refuse to be swayed otherwise by partners including informing the partner of appropriate standards.


3.4.      Agrees to maintain an authentic following, and make no attempts to artificially inflate following or engagement.


3.5.      Agrees to share their analytics, and offer full transparency into their audience metrics, and agrees to not edit or forge this data.





4.1.      Agrees to provide professional services with integrity and due care, which includes being: straightforward, honest, and fair when dealing in all relationships.


4.2.      Agrees to act diligently, and in accordance with online advertising standards: it should always be clear to their audience what content is paid, and what is independent content.


4.3.      Agrees to promote only products they have tried and/or tested personally.


4.4.      Agrees to conduct proper due-diligence including the responsibility to take the necessary time to review and become familiar with products/events prior to promotion.


4.5.      Agrees to only post and promote content including other people in situations where those individuals have clearly given consent, including when necessary have an open conversation educating those who may not fully understand what they are agreeing to.


4.6.      Agrees to give credit where due including, but not limited to: photographers, videographers, collaborations, as well as inspiration, stylings or soft brand-trademarks of other Creators.


4.7.      Agrees to do the necessary research prior to all brand collaborations to ensure values and beliefs are aligned, as well as to ensure there is no necessary information to disclose to their audience prior to working together. 


4.8.      Agrees to accept responsibility that their words and content have power, and will act with due care including: doing their research / inform themselves with as much facts as possible before speaking on a matter, use their influence wisely, and always discuss sensitive topics with care.


4.9.      Agrees to accepts responsibility to terminate the partnership and inform their audience when a situation arises that may harm their audience or the public interest, and/or is not in compliance with advertising standards or the influencer code.

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