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Bloggers should be accredited too

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We, bloggers have been highly instrumental in the shaping public opinion, in the same breath as traditional media personalities. We publish promptly and speak in the language of the people; simple, plain and without jargon, making us more effective mediums in delivering government advisories, disaster warnings, and entertainment news.

Guerilla publishing techniques, while not looked upon with legitimacy by our traditional media counterparts, are also the bloggers' advantage over traditional media. We are low-cost publishers that are just as capable of bringing the news.

Accreditation is NOT going to limit blogging, in fact it is meant to enhance, legitimize and professionalize our industry. Nothing will change as blogging is well within our right to free expression and is guaranteed under the Constitution. However, the exceptional ones, the best among us, be allowed to represent us in government events and activities so that those who only follow blogs and not choose to read newspapers, be allowed to gain important information. So that marginalized communities may also contribute to the national discourse.

Through Sec. Martin Andanar, we appeal to you President Duterte, that you authorize the creation of a government council/body  that will oversee accreditation for bloggers based on a set criteria. We heard that you are not opposed to bloggers covering your speeches and activities. We ask that you give us bloggers the opportunity to become officially part of your media family, as well as for all other government activities. We are also impartial, fair and willing to adhere to a code of ethics.


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