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The McOrigins War must end!

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McOrigins was a popular Minecraft server created by ExplodingTNT. It was a pretty good server until something happens at Creative Blue.

This server has now been taken over by those unstable children who always get offended by the internet. This caused the server to be having several drama.

This happens when the chat area is being spammed. Causing several people chatting in the chat area.

This can fill the entire chat area full of messages. It could crash the entire server and lag.

A large drama is caused when a famous YouTuber including Pink Sheep enters the server. Causing a lot of Pink Sheep fans FREAK out in the chat area. Since a lot of Pink Sheep fans play on the McOrigins server. This can actually cause a large drama after Pink Sheep steps into the server.

This is some proof that Pink Sheep was the actual cause of all of the large drama from these unstable children as we all know that Pink Sheep isn't a good YouTuber after all.

Pink Sheep promotes "Cyberbullying" to roast haters. He also disrespect opinions like all the unstable children do to haters like me.

But, if the chat area has continued to be spammed, this could cause a war or a flame war.

A war or a flame war is way more worse than a large drama. It's the same as a war or a world war like when a country/state/province/region fights against another country/state/province/region for Peace, Independence, or more due to its name being the same but it's on the internet instead of Real Life.

Many people have talked about wars on the internet. They say that they need to come to an end to make the internet a great place to spent time and have fun. If not, the internet will be a horrible place where you can get bullied.

This year (2017) was the worst year of the internet. This is when more kids sign up on Google to use the internet as a bullying place.

Pink Sheep should never get famous because of that. I bet by 2018 next year, the Internet would have become a bullying place for unstable kids to bully. 2018 could be the future of the internet where kids bully others and disrespect opinions.

ALL of the McOrigins war must come to an end! I can't believe this could be happening! This is why i stopped playing Minecraft. So i won't have to step into the server and spam the entire chat area to stop causing drama. I think i'm already done with Minecraft. This is my actual waste of time stopping random dramas on McOrigins. Good thing i'm out of this drama server. I also decided to take a break for a while from mining some diamonds offline in Minecraft for a while because this was my waste of time.

I am BlockMinerPro as you know! I am a proven moderator of the Hater Nation. I kinda decided to take a break from the Hater Nation for now on.

I recommend you to not enter the McOrigins Creative Blue server. Because in here, you could see several drama, there may not be any drama yet right now but you can oftenly see it mostly Morning and Afternoon.

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