Block Parole for the Murderer of Marie Thorne

Block Parole for the Murderer of Marie Thorne

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Started by Donna Thorne

Please I beg you to not let the murderer Greg Smith out of Prison.  He shot 5 bullets into my daughter, Marie Thorne’s, heart killing her through the window at close range while she was sitting on the passenger’s seat in a car. My daughter did not know Greg Smith.  Greg Smith is a cold-hearted demonic killer who looked me in the eyes and gave me a smirky grin during his trial in court. It was as if his smile and facial expression said it was his joy while the court had a huge poster up of a picture of my daughter, Marie, sitting there with her blood poured out of her body in the crime scene.  My heart and God Spiritual consciousness tells me to tell you that Greg Smith should never be allowed out of Prison. Please hear me out on this issue.

I raised my beautiful daughter Marie Thorne and she was such a delight and joyful person when she turned 22 years old.  Marie, my other daughter, Norma, and my Mother, Norma Morris, were my best friends who I enjoyed. I had so much fun with these family members because we went places together and were never lonely because we could talk and have Bible Studies. 

When Greg Smith killed my daughter, my mother soon died from the shock of her death because she had a condition and she stopped eating due to grieving because of depression and stress due to loss of family. Greg destroyed my daughter, my mother, my life, my family and the American Dream we had. Due to this all of our lives changed out of shock, fear, sickness, homelessness and discoordination. Eventually after putting Greg Smith in jail once during that time on a different charge the court and jail system let him out of jail because he was using a different name.

Meanwhile Greg and his fellow gang members taunted me, as well as my daughter that was here in the Los Angeles County area with me, and my family in Riverside.  This was his reaction to being wanted by the police being brought out on the Television News as well as, “Eye On LA”.  I also took it upon myself to take Broadcasting Casting classes to start Cable Televisions Shows airing Greg Smith being wanted for the murder of my daughter, Marie, as part of my Internship for Graduation Credits.  With me and my daughter, Norma’s, help It took the Legal Justice System 10 years for the police to catch the murderer Greg Smith and lock him up. 

The extra 10 years of freedom for that monster who murdered an innocent black woman and raged with terror upon her family striving for the American Dream to survive his inhumanity has rekindled hopefulness out of hopelessness. 

This is due to a little justice but not fairness because Marie is dead and the monster lives on but at least he is not out walking around with the chance or possibility that he would come after any of Marie’s family.  But at least Greg Smith is locked up behind bars in Prison so that we all can sleep at night. God knows we have a right to peacefully have a good night’s sleep with knowing our family have a chance to see another day.   

It wasn’t until Greg Smith was locked up in prison that my family and I could find some peace and a little Justice in this world with the help of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, in having other ways to live our lives safely, and securely except for my mother because Marie’s death was too much for her and it killed her too.  So, we all dealt with 2 deaths that were a few months apart.  Please have mercy on me and keep Greg Smith in Prison because I miss and love my daughter Marie Thorne. It took 18 years to raise my daughter and as a single parent it was hard working, going to school and raising 2 girls.

It still hurts that I can’t talk to or hug Marie.  I didn’t get to go to her wedding because she did not live to get married but she was engaged.  I did not get to help out with her children and play with them because she did not live to have any grandchildren for me.  I did not get to see her finish going to nursing school or hopefully watch her career as an actress take off because she was murdered and robbed of her American Dream as well as her life that God gave her.

All of that work I put into raising Marie for 18 years disappeared over night.  During those 18 years of raising my daughters I sacrificed while working and taking care of them. As a mother I ignored the fact that all of those years a good part of them was so that they could live and grow-up heathy so while they ate the chicken, I drank the gravy. So not just in literally speaking as with food but also as a mother I saw that I gave my children the best I could even if I needed something I learned to do without but God made a way.

All these years I have cried so much from her absence that I take medication for dry eyes.  Plus, I went through due to the tragedy of what Greg Smith did to me.  I had to overcome through the grace of God and prayer through Jesus Christ many diagnoses from different doctor’s claims of elements such as brain tumors, cancer, dementia and other malfunctions for years of trauma in fear. Some of them labeled me a week to live but God brought me through because my daughter’s death almost killed me too through almost giving up and grieving to death.  


515 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!