Save the Tamil Premises of Jnana Jyothi Govt Aided School in Weaver's Colony, Blr-83

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 Jnana Jyothi Tamil Kannada Primary School, was decades back a big school in Weaver's Colony. However, locals say, the school was demolished on the pretext of having been built on Encroached Forest Land and the big school with its nice premises was brought down. The students and locals transformed a Cow Shed (seen in picture) to the Tamil premises of the Jnana Jyothi Tamil Kannada School while the Kannada premises ran from another tiny location in Weaver's Colony. 

In 2015, we saw very poor condition of roof in this premises. We raised donations from neighbouring residential apartments and with free labour from the community youth, we fixed the roof of the school. Last year (2016), this renovated campus was further renovated and repainted by its HM and the children studying in this campus have been moved to the already congested Kannada premises. And in this premises a banner stating that it is "Bright Little Stars" Nursery school has been added.

Upon questioning, the parents were told that this academic year(2017), things would be normal, the moving of children was for the purpose of an "upcoming inspection". On questioning this year, the parents have been told that it is being converted to an English medium school. Such exploitation of illiterates and Tamil minorities requires severe reprimand.

The local community is trying to reach out to the School Management related people and parents to understand the reality and resolve the issue. They are trying to reach out to supporters but are unable to understand the matter clearly yet. The social workers, community youth and donors associated with the school have already reported these illegal proceedings several times to authorities. They have maintained peace and have not provoked the local community in any way to prevent tensions. SSA has even sent them warning to look into the matter. However, it has not been prioritized and the deceiving continues. We understand that this is illegal.

We request immediate attention to the matter and protection of rights and interests of the Tamil Children. The children must be given back their campus or a better one.

Further, to protect this linguistic minority children's higher education, we request the Education Department to give an additional subject of Tamil in the nearest Government High School with English as medium of instruction (to get this children have to travel 14 kms away to City Market) as well as any other programmes of improvement.

We request, on a priority to

  •  Protect the rights and interests of the Tamil Children and give back them their decent campus permissible in RTE
  • Eliminate Tamil school dropouts and protect them by giving an additional Tamil subject in the nearest Government High School
  • Take disciplinary action on the officials responsible for it
  • Review state of all such minority linguistic Govt and Govt Aided institutions with larger interest of all Tamil, Telugu, Urdu children while protecting and retaining them in general throughout Bangalore.                                                     Best Regards,                                                   Payanmaram, On Behalf of the Community