BLM2ndLook Photo Petition

BLM2ndLook Photo Petition

20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!

Why this petition matters

Started by Monec Walker

BLM2ndLook Photo Petition is a message for Exposing and Dismantling Ambiguous Language headed in the Constitutional Laws .

Creating Mixed Laws that : Divide Us. Label Us. Entrap Us. ENSLAVE US. 


Addressing the fact that some Laws don't Apply and Why.

Examing the fact that Laws that are designed to Build The economy  are subject to Punishment if not Followed. 


However, Laws designed to ALLOW Build ourselves up... Don't Apply.

Such as, Insurance Companies Failing to Settle a Claim in a Timely Manner

BLM2ndLook Photo Petition is a peaceful Movement to address Congress about Ambiguous Language hidden in The 2nd amendment that Cheats, Steals, and Destroy any acts of Freedom to a selective targeted group of Human Beings.

This BLM2ndLook Photo Petition is an invitation for Congress to address these and more topics: 

A) Felonies Never Paid.

 You work, You Eat. However Who determines who works?

The Law. 


B) Entrepreneurs without a Loan Can Still Build A Home.

Addressing the Laws that Hinder Entrepreneurs from Building their own. 

C) Minimum Wage:

If it's Not enough to Buy a Home, Don't Leave Your Home. 

We will address other important issues that hinder us such as Separation of Families.  The Value of Our Bodies. How the Laws controls what goes in our bodies and  how the Law Values Our Bodies.


We want to see the Law Work or Dismantle and Build Again. 

New Laws that would result in Fair Justice. 


20 have signed. Let’s get to 25!