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BLM: STOP Ripping Babies From Their Mom's and Letting Them Slowly Die!

Did you know YOUR tax dollars are NOT protecting our wild horses?

America, land of the free...
But our INNOCENT NATIVE HORSES are victim's of cruelty & neglect? Not enough food, denied water in 100 degree weather, death & injuries from inhumane round up's, babies injured and starved to death because their mother's were SOLD TO SLAUGHTER. We will NOT be quiet about these outrages until the cruelty ends!!! YOUR TAX DOLLARS are funding cruelty & neglect of our native horses. The baby's condition in this picture is inexcusable!!! Again... YOUR TAX DOLLARS CAPTURED HIS MOTHER & SOLD HER FOR SLAUGHTER, LEAVING BABY BEHIND TO SLOWLY DIE!! DISGUSTING!!!

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