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Now that I got your attention, when many users are surfing on the internet we have come across BLM (Black Lives Matter.) I'm not saying I don't support this but it should be ALM (All Lives Matter!) If I say to a white person "All lives Matter," and they return with "Well it can't be All Lives Matter until Black Lives Matter." I strongly DISAGREE with this because if you are white, then your basically saying your race doesn't matter as well as yourself? I don't know why racism has to take it too far! Your skin is pigmented and we are all the same but have a different culture. Please don't take offense to this because I 100% support BLM, but as a white person, I do support myself too. Social media and online have brought this way too far, it's not mature to start riots and fires upon getting your way and hurting other people. As well as citizens of the US. The black people population is 25% out of the whole country, which I'm guessing you're trying to tell people to stop racism but it's turning into you wanting to be better than white people? If you look on TV, a lot of ads have more black people than you think which is racist because I do not see as many as white people before all of this "BLM" stuff happening. All lives should matter OR innocent lives matter, Asian, American, black, mixed, and ETC matter equally. The US should be equal and stop racism because it's just pigment in our skin and RACIST jokes are so disrespectful. Also please stop using the "N-word" Slur as a white person, but Black people should not be using it as much because it's disrespectful to white people as well. You can say whatever the hell you want but people can be pressed.

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