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BLM (Bureau of Land Management): Request BLM stop removals of Wild Horses & Burros from Spring Mountain NV

BLM periodically rounds up wild horses on the pretext that they are "starving". This is clearly not true when you observe the condition of the horses in Spring Mountain in Nevada. Since unlike some other wild horse territory, cattle are not grazing here, there is more than enough natural vegetation to maintain a healthy stock of wild horses.

After the devasting heliccopter-removal of 288 horses and 571 burros in January 2007, BLM left only 80 wild horses, 4 burros, and 1 mule in the Spring Mountains. Local wild horse bands were just settling into some degree of cohesion by 2011.

Please request that BLM provides the Spring Mountain Alliance the following:

(1) Put a 3-year hold on removals of Wild Horses & Burros from the Spring Mountain Complex west of Las Vegas.
(2) Allow the Alliance to develop a state-of-the-art census of actual numbers on the range.
(3) Allow Alliance volunteers to dart old and young mares and jennies on the range with the contraceptive, PZP, and allow mature females to breed because young animals are the most popular with the public.
(4) Allow the Alliance to protect evironmentally sensitive areas with fencing, viewing hides, road pull-outs, etc.
(5) Allow the Alliance to improve public viewing opportunities to free-roaming Wild Horses & Burros for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and tourists.

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