World of Warcraft Tribute to Gina Gregory

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One of the most amazing and knowledgable WoW players suffered a fatal stroke. She was one of those players, in the words of our World of Warcraft FB moderator, "gracing us with her unique and charming insight into Warcraft and all things Troll. She was one of us... a fierce and loyal spark of our community.

For NO ONE dared to speak out against the Darkspear or Vol'jin if they did not wish to immediately after see a familiar figure step outta de shadows; ready to fight and defend her people.

So great was her passion for the Troll race, that any question that you had about them; whether Rp-based, lore focused or game-play centered; she had the answers. Didn't matter." - Theodore Terry (Moderator)

 I think it would be fitting to make a tribute to her in the game. I would love to see a troll NPC, lore quest, or something related as a tribute. 

If you agree I highly encourage you to sign this petition.