re-include what WAS promised and marketed in Warcraft III Reforged

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yesterday we got the devastating news in blizzcon about MANY cut features from the highly anticipated game Warcraft III Reforged, the game Developers listened to a very small and extremely Toxic fan base who want to live in 2003 forever and decided to cut almost the selling point of what Warcraft III Reforged was about, they used many excuses such as they wanted to keep it "nostalgic" and it didn't feel right, even though we pre-purchased what was ADVERTISED in their official website that Reforged will contain the following :


- overhaul of the Campaign and tweak it to be more in line with current Lore (now removed and replaced with very simple bits).

- 4+ hours of "promised" cutscenes now no longer relevant because they stuck with the original old cutscene system.

- the choice of choosing between the old original campaign (playthrough) or the new reforged campain (now cut and we're forced to play the original just with updated skins).

- the choice to be able to choose new voice acting (cancelled and cut) and old ones.

- the choice to be able to choose between new or old UI (now also cut)


we did not pay for a "reskinned mod", this is now becoming a treat for multi-player fans only, I say this as a fan of blizzard games in general and Warcraft fan for more than 23 years, this is NOT reforged, this has become just an upgraded HD version of an 18 years old game, reforged means ENTIRE overhaul of the game, please let our voices be heard, reach blizzard's developers, do not crush our hopes of what we waited for an entire year, I'm pretty sure we're more than willing to wait a couple more months to finish it if that what it took!