Let's fix Brigitte

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Full disclaimer, I know that I am basically just complaining and a bit salty, but in one statement: I hate her.

I understand that Blizzard put so much work into this hero and they wanted to make something unique and special. Well there is a huge difference between, unique and special and completely unkillable. Now, I understand that yes you can kill a Brig. However, at what cost?

It takes a whole team to focus on one Brig or else she will just annihilate you team with her aggressive playstyle. Even then, it's a gamble. You end up losing 2-4 teammates just trying to take out 1 well protected Brig, and then when the smoke clears, you are fighting a 3 vs 6 match. You end up hurting your teams chances at winning trying to take out a keystone that is much more difficult to kill then she needs to be.

Blizzard filled Brig up with some 5 unique both activated and passive abilities, all which are, in one word, unfair. Most supports only have 2 or 3 unique abilities that are each effective in their own way. It is completely unfair to these Zen mains, Ana mains, and Lucio mains have not received the buffs they need, enable to keep up with a high stakes game.

When Blizzard explained that they wanted a support that could "stand on her own," the thing the community forgets is that any Support can stand on their own (yes even Mercy with her pee shooter). Supports are squishy, and honestly easy targets. However, a good support has to really on their own skills to get out a situation. Not overpowered natural abilities that make a hero unkillable.

I have died many times flanking a solo Ana, Mercy, and Zen (I state these 3 in particular because they are the 3 that tend to be "picked on" the most) because they were experienced and well prepared players. They kept a cool head and even though I got the drop on them an often bring them close to death, they are still able to kill any DPS as long as they just have the experience.

The difference here with Brig, is that most of the time I just flat out run away. You cannot 1v1 a Brig and survive unless you play an AOE Character (for the most part). Heroes that specialize in isolating a target and taking them out systematically are now almost useless, cause as long as there is a Brig that spots you, you are already dead.

Her abilities are busted. She does 80 damage and piece and heals herself that same amount, unless you can hit her at least once to cancel it out, but even then you are already dead. That flail hits hard and fast, even Rein's hammer doesn't hit that hard or even nearly that fast (Rein does 75 damage each hit and is significantly slower that Brig's). As a melee hero, that damage cannot be blocked or negated in any way. I have seen games where that Flail has hit my team though a Mei wall.

If she already lands 2 hits on a normal DPS, you are already down 160 HP, and if you try to negate the healing, she usually just hits you a 3rd time or pops that shield so you can't touch her. Her lifesteal is a rip off of Reaper's. Both are instant, however even Reaper's lifesteal is only 10% of the damage he dishes. With a Brig around that pockets a tank it is impossible for a Tank Buster to do their job (or at least well). If you try to focus on the Brig, the tank will kill you, and if you focus on the tank, then Brig will just mow you down.

The armor boosts is insane as well, in particularly with her Ult. I have seen people hack a Brig in the middle of her ult and she still passes armor around. Ana's grenade is useless against her since Brig heals with Armor ups, and her ult isn't even healing, it's additional Armor. And the fact that the armor stacks and stays is definitely not fair. No support Ult overheals, and even if there is a "Cap" that is definitely not good enough. I have seen Symms with over 400 HP due to an Ult. Bastions with over 500 HP. And Torbs with Over 400 HP. All character that are high priority to kill (especially if all three are on Defense). But due to the insane amount of HP, they are almost unkillable, and even if they get low, Brig just armors them up.
(Side note: I have played a game with a 400 HP Symm. I had my Zenyatta discord her and I kid you not, my whole team jump on her. She killed every single one of us, even our 2 tanks all because a Brig decided to pocket her the rest of the game)

Her shield bash is ridiculous. There are many ult's that require up close combat and all a Brig has to do is pop the shield and stun. Now this is unfair any other character that has an ult cancelling ability ( McCree, Ana, Sombra, Rein, Roadhog) have to sacrifice one thing: Their HP. They all have to risk their own necks and HP to stun an Ult. With she has a 600 HP shield with will eat any Ult and then all it takes is 1 well placed stun that she can use as soon as she pops the shield. Deathblossoms in particular (which are necessary to clear a point in close quarter combat) are now useless, all because someone has a shield and can stun with it.

None of her abilities have a warning, have you noticed that? Every character has some sort of a warning or a que that allows players to prepare for what comes next. You actually see Roadhog's hook before it hits you. You don't have much time, but you can still prepare. Rein's charge attack, you see him drop the hammer. Even Genji's deflect you can prepare for, and there is a verbal que. Recall any character are think it over, almost all of them have some sort of verbal or physical que of what ability they are about to use. Brig has none. She has no Verbal or even Physical clue of what she is about to do and thus no warning on what to prepare.

Now the argument a lot of people make is "Well Moira was hard to kill at first but now everyone knows how to play against her." That's the thing. Moira was hard. Not nearly impossible. Even in the PTR, you could kill a Moira 1v1, you just had to keep a calm head and make the right predictions. Brig, is impossible to 1v1. Even if you can somehow predict what she is about to do, she puts out too much damage passively and self healing too quickly that any normal 200HP character has no chance.

There is a huge difference between a mind game and a 1 sided battle. What I mean is with all heroes that issue a threat, you have to bait them or out maneuver them. You wait for Genji to use deflect before making a push. You bait Roadhogs hooks so you don't actually get caught. You wait for Wraith Form or Iceform to end so you can welt on Mei and Reaper. You cannot do this with Brig. Again, you cannot bait Brig, because her passive abilities make her nearly impossible to kill and very deadly

I know what Blizzard was trying to do. And I do appreciate it. You tried to forward the story with a fun new hybrid and create a speed bump for characters that enjoy dive heroes. Just a bit of a challenge. But instead the developers created a complete Roadblock. They put a complete stop to diving and tank busting leaving many heroes useless. On top of it all, the new tank meta of 3 tanks, a Brig, and an additional Support (usually Symm) is just cruel. They have made many players gameplay experience unenjoyable, including my own.

When I play Overwatch I want to play and have fun. I want to be able to help my team and do my job the best that I can. And if I die, I want to die in an honorable and laughable way. Not running away and dying in a corner from a severely overpowered hero that I despise and loathe.

I know these thoughts are my own, and I don't really expect anyone to read this or even agree with my thoughts. I do not know how I would "fix" this hero, because I believe my own bias would be selfish. But this hero needs a huge fix. Thank you.

Thanks Pyromancer for that presentation of the problem.