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Leave Mercy Alone!

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Hello, Overwatch community! I, probably like many of you at this petition, am a Mercy main. I did not choose to do this, it just ended up happening, but even so, I still love Dr. Angela Zeigler. This petition is for Overwatch and Jeff to LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE. She's been reworked, nerfed to shit, reworked again, and nerfed again and again. She's fine now the way she is! I've been playing her in Competitive for a couple days (straight) now and she worked really well with my team and did not feel OP at all, even my teammates agreed. She felt great! Can you guys just leave an old war veteran alone? If the new PTR changes go up, she won't be viable anymore. She'll hardly be playable. Her ULTIMATE ability will hardly feel like an Ultimate. Please have mercy and just leave her alone!

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