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Keep Mercy the way she is

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its gonna draw in dps mains to play her
her new ultimate can do almost the same thing orisas can when she damage boosts the entire team
the res ability is horrible, mostly for the fact it can only bring one back
if you think about every support hero, their ults help other players on their team
most new mercy players are gonna use her ult to dps + fly away
it makes mercy too independent
like she needed some independence from her team so she wouldnt have to rely on them but blizzard gave her too much
the only reason they changed it was because pro players found it overpowered, right?
they couldve done other solutions, but they choose to rid of it completely
another solution wouldve been to lengthen the cooldown
or make the radius smaller
they already nerfed the rez by stopping it from spawn
it encourages battle mercy play, which will most likely end up in people playing mercy to dps + slightly heal instead of the other way around
which in the lower ranks will torture everyone
mercy was fine how she was but if she really needed a change, they couldve just shortened the range of res, made it have a longer charge, but instead they change her ult entirely

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