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Revert Mercy To Mercy 1.0

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Mercy is really unfun to play as she is right now.
Her slow ressurection means that she is extremely sluggish, and she is killed almost every time she uses ressurect.
It feels safter to just not ressurect at all most games, which is unfair, since ressurect is Mercy's staple ability.
Also, Mercy's valkyrie not having an impact on ressurect does not seem fair.
Valkyrie is starting to feel more like a ''heal-amp'' than anything else.

If we revert Mercy back to Mercy 1.0, I feel that Mercy will be back to the drawing board.
Blizzard could take a new approach, and possibly we could get a Mercy which is balanced, yet fun to play at the same time.
Mercy 1.0's ressurection felt very good.
It was swift and instant.
Hiding may have been a slight issue, since it worked against the rest of her kit due to hiding, but I believe that this can be fixed with further changes to Mercy.
I DO NOT wish for Mercy to stay a Mercy 1.0. I just hope that she can be taken in a better direction than our dreadful current Mercy.

And that, is why I think you should sign our peition.Thank you for your time, and by signing this peition, we believe you are helping to improve Overwatch as a whole.

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