Get Blizzard to overhaul Silvermoon city

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Since the introduction of Silvermoon City in The Burning Crusade expansion back in 2007, we've been fascinated with the sight of the glorious capital city of the Blood Elves that had tragically been half destroyed by Arthas in his quest for power. The eye sore that the Dead Scar is, leaves but vague memories of what once was one of the greatest cities in the western kingdoms.

Blizzard has been asked several times to remake the city as they have done with many other places in the game, specially when Cataclysm was launched and flying mounts were introduced to Azeroth, previously being only usable in Outland and Northrend. Silvermoon is stuck in the past, forever scarred and in slumber, the proud race of elves that once ruled the north of the eastern kingdoms always remembering their glory in their dialogues, "The Dark Times will pass", "We will persevere".

In this video by Hayven Games, we get a proper technical explanation of how the developers have decided not to give some love to Dath'Remar Sunstrider's city but still leaves a bitter taste in matters of explaining why.

It has been said in several occasions that the main reason Silvermoon is not overhauled is because there is a lack of interest by players to visit it. Technically the city is abandoned. My question is: maybe it is abandoned because it has never had an update? What if players were brought to the city with unique places and activities that cannot be done anywhere else in Azeroth? Also, any new Blood Elf characters will spend time in Silvermoon running errands and questing, why not bring other horde races to it? If you visit any RPG server you will find a vibrant and rich city full of different races and colour and activities!

We also have this intriguing and amazing work in progress made independently that shows us just how beautiful a new Eversong Woods scenario would be.

My proposal to Blizzard Entertainment: What if new characters experienced the original Eversong Woods and Ghostlands scenarios but through a set of quests they were allowed to visit a new version? What if we as players could help to rebuild Silvermoon and bring new horizons and honour to the Horde?

If enough World of Warcraft fans sign this petition and we take it to Blizzard's headquarter, this might be a reality!