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The Overwatch development team shall introduce a 2-2-2 lock and a role queue system

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Competitive play in Overwatch is in a bad state and has been for a long time. The difference between the gameplay in esports matches and in the ladder is way bigger than in any other game. After over three years it is clear that the game is too complex to give players full control over hero picks, team compositions and gameplay while  simultaneously ensuring good, fair and fun matches. For over a year pro play has been dominated by the so-called GOATS meta or 3-3 and so far the developers have failed to balance the game better to bring DPS play back into meta despite many attempts.

Introducing a 2-2-2 team composition lock would not only force DPS back into the meta but would also make future balancing way easier. At the moment we have 593,775 theoretically possible team compositions. If we lock this at 2-2-2, it brings the number down to 52,920, less than 10 % of the original number. This would reduce the complexity of the game massively.

The developers should also introduce a role queue system for the competitive ladder to ensure everybody gets the role they want to play and to further improve the quality of the matches. We would no longer have to deal with teams where no one wants to play support or tank and thereby ensure a solid team base for every match. This would also reduce the amount of toxicity within the community with less discussions on hero picks.

Together these two mechanics will reduce the variation in match quality and ensure that matches aren’t lost at the hero select screen anymore. It would also make the game a bit easier to understand and to master and thereby improve the level of competition in the ladder. It will take a while to balance all heroes to match a 2-2-2 system, but once this is done, we will have all have a much better experience and can also relate much better to what the pro players are playing in Overwatch League.

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