Stop warcraft combat logging

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World of warcraft has expanded into a vast, thriving community. However, there are people who spend countless hours a week and refuse to allow the community that plays occasionally or are returning to the game to thrive. These players use combat logs such as parses or in game mods such as These combat logs keep track of how well you play, allowing these people to only allow players who have a good "score" based on logs that are recorded from the game. This would sound like a good idea. However, those who are casual players and those who are returning players automatically have low scores. It's kind of like starting off life with a poor credit score and unable to be able to get your credit score up without a credit card but unable to get a credit card because you have poor credit. Real life human beings already have to deal with these troubles in real life. Now, their favorite way to escape real life is doing the same thing. The player base that is using these combat logs are growing. No where near as high as the rest of the player base. However, this small player base is ruining the experience for those who don't use combat log scoring systems. This WILL cause the community to fall apart and make it harder for new players to prosper. Less new players, harsher community. Help save world of warcraft by signing this petition to help make Blizzard Entertainment aware of the poison in their game.