Saurfang for Warchief

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A leader should be the strength of the people, their bond and their guidance. To lead by example one must take proper care and thought in their actions. A strong leader must be passionate in the protection of their people and above all else, do so with unwavering honor.

Sylvanas sees no consequence in her actions, she acts without honor and in doing so has all but divided the horde. Left and right I see friends, families, brothers and sisters arguing over Sylvanas' decision. A house divided agaisnt itself, cannot stand.

Meanwhile the Alliance has been united by this tragedy. Brought closer together in defiance of such a foul war crime. To exact vengeance upon us for all the innocent lives taken by such a foolish act of hatred. Sylvanas has brought upon us the exact opposite outcome in which she she used to excuse her dishonorable tactics.

I, like many others are taking place in the #ShouldersOffForSaurfang protest. This is a movement where we have chosen to remove our shoulders with the transmog option to do so. It is in reference to the Old Soldier cinematic in which Zappy Boi follows Saurfang out of Undercity and joins him in removing his shoulder guards in a last ditch effort to convince Karok that this horde, as divided it may be, truely is still worth fighting for. This movement is for Saurfang to take the spot of Warchief.

Saurfang unlike Sylvanas does questions himself for the dishonorable things he has been a part of. He knows this is not the Horde he wants us to be. He too has felt pain and the loss of loved ones, but he choses not to act out of hatred or fear. He choses to act out of love, for every one of us, from grunt to high warlord. Most importantly choses to act out of honor, for his people, for his son, For The Horde.