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Genji needs a nerf or a rework! (Overwatch)

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I know this isn't world changing or anything like that but it is still a big deal for my friends and me. I'm talking about Genji in "Overwatch". He is killing the fun for a lot of players out there and despite a ton of posts on or the Overwatch forum blizzard doesn't seem to react to that. So maybe this will get their attention. 

What is the big deal?

Genji is a powerfull charakter in Overwatch which can carry the whole team if played properly. Some may argue this is ok because he has a high skillcap but every hero can be learned over time so why is that an argument? Why I think he is OP? Let me talk about Genji for a bit.

Genji's abilities:

I won't explain the abilities of Genji because I think you all know how they work ;)

Deflect: His Deflect ability is unbelievable powerfull. He is able to deflect most ultimates by simply pressing one button. Here a list which Ultimates can be deflected: Bastion, Hanzo, McCree, Mei, Pharra, Reaper, Roadhog, Solider76, Torbjörn (kinda), Tracer, Zarya.

You could argue that can do the same but is only able to cancel the ultimate not redirecting it towards the enemy like Genji can do.

Then there is his deflect hitbox which is ridiculously big. I made a short video of the hitbox: The size is counter intuitive and leads to deflects where there shouldn't be deflects.

Dash: Genji is able to instakill. Rightclick into the face of your enemy and dash through. (Animation of secondary attack is canceld by dash). Every 200 HP character will die. Why is no one complaining about that but Roadhog and Hanzo get the hate? I just don't get it.

Genji's "Counters":

"But Genji got a lot of counters!" I hear you say. Well there is Winston, Symmetra, Mei, Doomfist, Torbjörn.

Winston: Technically yes. But the wallclimb ability of Genji makes it very difficult. Genji climbes up a wall, Winston jumps up, Genji drops, Winston drops, Genji climbes up and leaves Winston behind. The other problem is that Winston will be in the backline of the enemy while Genji is in the backline of your team. So they barely meet.

Symmetra: If she gets close to him he's dead. But Genji can just dash away from her and that's it. Symmetra doesn't have the mobility to go after Genji. And Symmetra can't be played on every map or mode because she is to ineffective.

Mei: Same problem as Symmetra.

Torbjörn: Genji just deflects and gets away with the dash.

So there is no real "hard counter" to him as most heros got. And hitscan isn't the answer either because if your counter is to have better aim than he does there clearly is something wrong.

Genji's moveability:

Genji and Tracer are the heros which are very mobile while Genji is even a bit more mobile with the wallclimb and the dash than Tracer. That brings up the question: Why does Genji have 200HP while Tracer only got 150HP? Sure she can heal herself by rewinding but Genji got his deflect and his dash which will get him out of most of the situations he's facing.


That's just the tip of the iceberg. There is still more broken about Genji than that what I just mentioned.

To every player out there who thinks Genji needs some adjustments just sign this so maybe blizzard will take action.

Why I didn't post this on the Overwatch forum? Because people will just say:"He's not OP! l2p" then you go to their profile and see:"aaaah a Genji main..."

So please sign this petition or if you don't think he needs a nerf/rework maybe you can share some tips with me how to deal with a Genji. He's killing the game for me and a lot of other players while I still love the game I just can't play it anymore.

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