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Demand a Reverse of the Mercy Changes

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The recent Mercy changes have been devastating to the character. Not only is she significantly less useful, her entire personality is now blurred, she is no longer that feared ace up the sleeve that she once was, the hero that could turn the tides of battle. The uniqueness of playing Mercy is now removed, giving her an Orisa-like chain heal/boost, a Lucio-like evasiveness, and a more DPS oriented playstyle that is prominent in Zenyatta and Anya. Furthermore, players are already seeing increased toxicity and poor sportsmanship due to these changes. "Why did you rez him and not me Mercy?!?", is just one of the many lines of harassment Mercy players are already receiving, making the issues discussed in Blizzard's recent toxicity centered developer update even worse.

The current official thread on the Blizzard forms has over 1000 replies, many of them angry and frustrated players, upset that their PTR feedback has been ignored, and feel that they continue to be ignored ). Blizzard states that they make their games for the players, the community. If this is true, then since the majority is against these changes, should they not be reversed? Why have PTR at all if the communities feedback is just going to be ignored?

I as a Mercy main am heartbroken at the changes made to my beloved character. Mercy players now longer enjoy the thrill of the character, the echo of "Heroes Never Die" as she brings her teammates back for a thrilling take-back of the point, the shower of golden light bathing the battlefield. If you truly care about this character, sign this petition and do not let this hero die.

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