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Ban Soulbasher-Shu'halo

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Hello, this is a petition to ban the player Soulbasher-Shu'halo from World of Warcraft. He has been a very toxic player over the years and GM's (Game Masters) have never done anything about him, so it is up to us as the wow community to stand up to this troll. He has been known for various deeds over the years such as spamming racial slurs in all caps in Goldshire, leaking other players personal info and posting their pictures to be made fun of on He has even gone as low as ERP (Erotic Role Play) with minors under the age of 13 and have dated these children online. But wait it gets worse, he has even gone as low as mocking the dead of the players he attacks. He has even stated himself that he would start making internet memes of these deceased people just for laughs. Now please understand, Blizzard Entertainment have been notified of this player time and time again by numerous people through the community by opening tickets to right-clicking his name in the chat box. This cannot be tolerated anymore, please sign this petition if you are against players like Soulbasher-Shu'halo & help make World of Warcraft a better game than it already is. Thank You.

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