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Allow offline single player functionality in Diablo III.

Many people within the Diablo community have found the implementation of online only single player in Diablo III to be very disappointing.

The inclusion of online only single player will limit the amount of people who are going to be able to purchase and enjoy Diablo III and many of these people have waited years to be able to buy and support this game.

Many are so upset that they have already decided to either buy a competing product like Torchlight II or just wait for a hacked/pirated copy of Diablo III instead. These choices show a direct backlash towards Blizzard that will cost them more money in the long run and proves that the single player DRM will not limit the amount of people who will pirate their game but will actually increase it.

We the members of the Diablo community implore Blizzard Entertainment to not include online only single player and to allow the ability for offline single player.

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