Colorblindness is a serious thing- even in games!

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Colorblindness seems to not be a big problem in a simple card game as Hearthstone is, but actually there is a mechanism that causes problems for those who lives with colorblindness. When a card trigger its effect, the color of the card itself change from green to yellow into the player's hand. That's a quite simple dynamic, I know, but a colorblind person isn't able to tell the difference between green an yellow. That's why I'm here trying to ask to you, Blizzard, to implement a specific mode to make their life easier. Although some effects are obvious, for some beginners not all of them may be, and it may be difficult even for some pro to recognize when they are triggered. It is also important to say that they really can't say the difference between the blue and violet rarity gem!

Example: Kazakus in a tavern brawl random deck; you can't know if the bot gave you a 1x deck or not, if you're not able to see if the card is green or yellow.

So please help all the colorblind people to have the right to play without any problems!

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