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Blizzard Entertainment To Support Nintendo Switch

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Dear Blizzard,

Portability is the future. Being able to pull out a device from your bag, press one or two buttons and start playing a triple A console game fits so well in our busy lives like no other. Increasingly, people do not have the time to sit down and play on console or PC as they use too. They need to take the morning bus, or fly (during vacation/businesses) to other countries where its just not practical to bring your large gaming devices. People missing important events in Overwatch, or WOW (due to Chinese new year etc) can be easily solved with Nintendo's Resent Product: Switch. Its so perfectly designed, it has a water vape chamber for cooling, super light, easy to use, tegra X1 chip, and supports docking. I personally have two, one for me and my dad. Nintendo switch has sold 14 million units, and is the fastest saleing console right now. Looking at japan, the video game culture their is different, as portability is considered more valuable than raw power. As cites in USA and other countries get more crowded, their gaming culture will shift to portability. At a personal level, I fined my self playing on Nintendo switch (80 persent of the time) more than my 4 Thousand dollar PC, which contains all of blizzards products. I'm sure their is a lot more people like me going through this change. Now that portable unlimited internet (LTE) is used by many poeple, these is a perfect time to port your amazing Worlds (WOW, Hearthstone, DIABLO 1-3, Overwatch) to the Nintendo switch. Poeple want Triple A games on mobile devices, just look at hearthstone. Before april 2015 phone release Their where 40 million players, after phone release, it sky rocked to 70-100 million. Check the numbers, how many play on phone vs PC. Most likely phone. Take it to the next level, be ahead of the "game", and make AAA gaming portable (profitable), but most importantly with Blizzards Logo at the forefront. 

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