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This is what bullying looks like.
This is a teacher belittling a student.
This is a student crying.
This is a student who is nonverbal and denied technology to communicate.
This is abuse.
This is the photo that Blissfield Middle School published in the yearbook.
This is done to humiliate the student and her family.
This is retaliation for speaking out for the student's legal rights.
This is the school sending the message “we don’t want you here.”
This is a school district that has been found noncompliant six times by the state Department of Education in the last 5 months.
This is a school district that Michigan Department of Education declared had denied the student a free and appropriate public education in June 2012.
This is what happens when the school administration and school board condone discrimination.
This is the offensive, intimidating, oppressive atmosphere created by Blissfield Community Schools.
This is about using shame, humiliation and exclusion to deny an American her civil rights.
This is wrong.
This has to stop.


This student is Maddie Mullins: friend, daughter, sister, student. This 2012-2013 school-year, Blissfield Community Schools decided to send her to a segregated program in another school in another town for the majority of her day. This would cause significant harm to her. This district refuses to consider evaluation data, research, or the student's personal history (having been successfully fully included in regular school for 8 years). This year, Maddie was only allowed to attend regular school for 80 minutes a day.  Of those 80 minutes at Blissfield High School, 20 minutes was spent picking up trash.  Now, this district is abusing Maddie and she is unable to attend school at all. 

This is something you can help with.

Tell Blissfield Community Schools to stop the segregation, bullying, and discrimination; provide Maddie Mullins with a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.  

Letter to
Superintendent Scott Moellenbrandt Blissfield Community Schools
Michigan Department of Education- Office of Special Education Eleanor White
Lenawee Intermediate School District Superintendent Jim Philp
Maddie Mullins is being bullied, excluded and discriminated against because of her disability. This is illegal. Stop violating her civil rights!

Blissfield Community Schools needs to provide Maddie with a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. The atmosphere at Blissfield Community Schools needs to change. Recall and replace the yearbooks. Utilize independent facilitation to complete an appropriate Individualized Education Program meeting. BCS, fix this!

The Lenawee Intermediate School District receives federal funding and must ensure that local districts comply with IDEA. Provide expertise and guidance to make sure rights are protected and the process is followed. LISD, this is your responsibility!

The Michigan Department of Education has a responsibility to stop the district from trampling Maddie's rights. Provide expertise, facilitation, and assistance to right these wrongs. MDE, protect this student!

Maddie has a right to an education. Maddie wants to go to school. Let her.

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